Professional solution for all-round (sports) video analysis

User-friendly and professional cloud-based sports video analysis solution for players, coaches, analysts and referees.

The Video Coach is a video analyzing digital cloud-based application that was developed by Liveevent Sport and is meant to positively influence the communication and performance of teams of any sports using it.
A coach desk serves as a great means for coaches to analyze the moves and performance of the team during live games after a recorded game or even the practice sessions.

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It has some amazingly important features to benefit your games/practices and take your winning strategy to the next level:

  • the platform was conceived for coaches of any sports to be able to analyze in detail the performance of the team
  • each coach has one account that is only theirs to use
  • the players menu is a space where the coach can list all the players and can modify or delete their details partially or completely
  • the Quick buttons menu is an option where the coach can list so called "Quick Analyze" buttons that he can operate during the live match or recorded game video. For example some of the buttons include “Chance For”, “Goal” etc. Using this option, the coach can push the “Goal” button if the team scores a goal and that will be saved on the platform.
  • the Live video menu enables the viewing of the game/match that is being recorded and here he can navigate the previously mentioned buttons. At the end of the match/game the coach presses the “End game” button for the recording process to stop.
  • video archive menu: here the coach gets a full list of all the saved videos that he can further analyze. Here, he also has a “Quick analyzes” option and can create further new ones or also create new “Whiteboards” that he can add. This means that for example a hockey field outline will be shown and the coach can further draw on it and analyze strategies (or suggested strategic moves) and he can save them.
  • the Whiteboard menu enables access to every saved “Whiteboard” to have quick access to them and also to add further new “whiteboards”. For instance if the coach finds another attach scheme then he can quickly draw it and show it to the team at practice.
  • playlists - save and share the most important movements for your analysis needs.

Inside the video coach dashboard you can request several video inputs to work with. You can have one fixed camera input and for the away games/practice pitches multiple mobile inputs via rtmp.

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